Diplocks workshop is in the heart of north cornwall,just outside wadebridge in a old pig shed that is in the middle of a old iron age fort called killibury.30 mins north or south are some of the highest quality waves Cornwall has to offer,ranging from reeling points to sand sucking beachies.


bro diplock 2nd generation surfer,been making boards for 26 years and been surfing for over 30years.Paul fluin been surfing 25 years and making boards for twenty years. Both  learnt there trade doing production manufacturing for various companies, between them they have over 45 years experience of creating surfboards, during this time  they have shaped,glassed,sanded and buffed tens of thousands of surfboards


All our boards are made in our workshop from start to finish nothing is out sourced.We use the best mixture of old and new technologies to make our boards. We use what we think are some of the very best materials available in Britain put that with the love and passion that goes into each board you have product that outlasts most other brands on the market


We make all sorts of boards for all sorts of people,from 5ft keel fins to 10ft logs  to high performance eps shortboards. We have a rich eclectic mix of team surfers riding our equipment giving us great insight into each style of board and its design.We cater for every one from middle England novices to hard charging semi-pro chargers.Although we carry a full range of stock boards in our show room,we still might not have the quite the right board for you because every surfers requirements are  different. Wether its the wrong colour or the  wrong length we can make a full custom order at no extra cost.


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